Kay Goss

Kay is the passionate founder and creative force behind Stars Beads, a family business that has blossomed into a vibrant platform for bead enthusiasts. With over 30 years of experience serving the Washington D.C. metro area, Kay has now taken her passion online, reaching a wider audience and inspiring people to design wearable art. She is dedicated to fostering a more creative and colorful lifestyle, one bead at a time.

Kay hosts weekly video broadcasts, "Bead with Me," where she shares the latest trends and offers insights into the world of beads. She also hosts a fun "Sip & Shop" event every Friday night, creating a community for those who share her love for beads and jewelry making.

Despite the shift to a virtual platform, Kay's commitment to her craft and her customers remains unwavering. She continues to curate and offer the same great products through her new online space at Beadorea.com.

Kay's philosophy is centered around the joy of giving handmade gifts and the therapeutic power of creativity. She encourages everyone to calm the chaos, continue to create, and find happiness in colors.


Jalen Mui

Jalen Mui is a dedicated individual committed to making a global impact through education and cultural awareness. He founded a non-profit program at his local library, using jewelry to educate youth about culture and history. Besides his philanthropy, Jalen is an experienced entrepreneur with a solid business management background, having successfully managed over $880,000 as a managing director. His blend of social consciousness, entrepreneurship, and financial expertise, along with his passion for societal contribution, positions him as a successful leader driven by positive change.