Qty available: 50 SKU:SLB-R
Unit Measurement 5 set per Bag
This Bracelet Making Sets come with complete components for making a finished bracelet

1. Sliding Cord with Stopper
It is good for making 7" long or up Bracelet
2. Durable Cable wire 36" Long
3. Crimp Beads 4pc
4. Crimp Bead Cover 4pc
  • Made from solid brass.
  • Nickel free hypoallergenic.
  • 100% lead safe.

Care Tips: Do not swim or bathe with it. Try not to spray perfume or rub lotions on this product as it could mar the finish. To clean, use gentle hand soap and warm water. Pat dry with a paper towel. Do not use jewelry cleaners or a jewelers cloth

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